2014 Archibald Prize

A Familiar Stranger

My work habits led to my choice of subject for this year’s Archibald Prize. Starting at 6am every morning in my studio, my companion is Emma Ayres on the radio. Her voice is often the first I hear each weekday.

This portrait is not about a face, but a person. I also felt I wanted to bring Emma to life because, for many, she is someone heard but not seen.

Work of Human Hands


Bread is often a universal and overarching theme. We think of the table, food, family, sharing, nourishment, fuel, fire, hearth, home - life.

There is something transcendental about bread - it's an ancient human staple, and like the dog, the rat and alcohol - always nearby most of the time.

Ochre Ground


The flatness, dryness and productivity of the Australian landscape has always appealed to me. This series of paintings,  Ochre Ground examines the subtle features of dry continent and the markings left by those who work it.